Handmade Moroccan Thuya Wood Puzzle Box " the cool Box"

Handmade Moroccan Thuya Wood Puzzle Box " the cool Box"


Keep all of your secrets in this rustic and charming puzzle box. Expertly handcrafted from the lovely Thuya (pronounced twee-ya) Burl and Lemon wood harvested from the Atlas Mountains of Northern Africa, this Moroccan puzzle box can protect all of your small treasures. The intricately inlaid floral motif is a perfect compliment to your traditional and homey decor scheme.

– Traditionally handcrafted from Moroccan Thuya Burl
– Secret opening
– Opening instructions provided
– Choice between solid and carved lids

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Each box is handmade in the tradition of local nomadic herdsman, who’ve past their craft down from generation to generation as they travel the land on their camels.

As beautiful as the pattern of the burl (the rare part of the Thuya tree that grows underground and results in the beautiful whorls and knots in the wood) is the enchanting scent of the Thuya. A cross between pine and cedar, the Thuya’s fragrance gives every room hint of its aroma.